Whole Duck Foie Gras semi-cooked -...
Whole Duck Foie Gras semi-cooked -...

Whole Duck Foie Gras semi-cooked - 250 grs

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This is the one, you have to taste it. Natural product, cooked with salt and pepper, discover the real taste of duck foie gras. Hand-made foie gras, guarantee 100% french duck.


The farm :

From father to son, they keep  traditional foie gras recipe. We select their products because they cook with only naturals prodcuts.

Advice to use :

Open the vaccum pocket and let the foie gras on plate for 10 min. When it's start to be warm, you can slice easily at the last moment.

Preservation :

Keep the duck foie gras semi-cooked in your fridge between 0°C and 4°C. Once the vaccum is open, you should eat the foie gras in 2 days. If you want to keep more time, for another meal, you can freeze.

Ingredients :

duck foie gras, salt, pepper

Weight/ Quantity :

vaccum packed whole duck foie gras 280grs, nearly 5/6 slices

Delivery service :

For the whole foie gras semi-cooked, only France

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