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Indispensable for your dinatoires apéritifs, the duck breast needs for little preparation. A taste and an extraordinary delicacy which conquered the demanding clientele of the Cap d'Antibes and the Harbor of millionaire.
A marriage completes between the duck foie gras and the sweet food of a fig. The whole was cooked in Sauternes for some more of taste.
Hand-made strawberry stuffed with foie gras. Taste and be surprise, 1st the foie gras taste and then you can appreciate the strawberry flavor.    
A duck foie gras high quality with apple pieces. You will love the texture and the taste. This one apple foie gras is hand-made from south west France.
Just a slice from this excellent mango foie gras and you will taste one more time. Traditional hand-made, there is a foie gras high quality.
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Landes smoked duck breast

The fillet of duck is delicately smoked in the wood of beech. They so acquire a delicate texture for one smoked delicious.
This is the one, you have to taste it. Natural product, cooked with salt and pepper, discover the real taste of duck foie gras. Hand-made foie gras, guarantee 100% french duck.

Duck liver, our specialty 

La Ferme au Foie Gras is located since 1987 in the heart of the old town of Antibes and offers an exclusive and gourmet selection of duck liver. We serve our products on the most beautiful tables and the largest yachts.

It’s in the markets of the Southwest that we discover the local products to ensure you a natural quality and certified French. La Ferme au Foie Gras also offers its gourmet boxes .

Foie Gras, Foie gras entier, Spécialités gourmandes

Duck liver, Whole duck liver, Gourmet specialities, Duck liver and duck liver specialities

Whole duck liver and duck foie gras, semi-cooked duck liver, magret stuffed with duck liver, duck liver with morels, duck liver with pepper, duck liver with Espelette pepper, duck liver with mango, duck liver with gingerbread.

Our traditional specialities

You can also find on our online shop our duck liver specialties, products with the truffle of Italy and products from the rich terroir of Provence.


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