Fine food

You can keep a long time and open just when you need. To eat with a slice of foie gras or with some cheese.
The most tender and delicate cut of White tuna. Hand packed in fine fillets, these belly fillets are a delicacy prized by the most expert palates.
The Ortiz Sardines are elaborated with fresh fish. They are cleaned by hand one by one and fried in olive oil following a traditional recipe.
We clean the salt off them with great care and fillet them one by one with a knife, without removing the skin.They are then marinated in extra virgin olive oil and a touch of parsley. They make an ideal appetizer due to their authentic flavour and original, attractive presentation.
Sauce, confit & cooked meals

Foie gras sauce

Completed to raise a tournedos or accompany brioches in the foie gras.
Sauce, confit & cooked meals

Perigueux sauce

A sauce sophisticated and full of flavor to accompany tournedos of duck, roast beefs, and cutlets of foie gras.

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